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Court Fee Information

Court-Filing Fee Information 

The court-filing fee for a divorce is £550 and covers your entire divorce procedure, including the decree absolute, which ends your marriage.

Court-filing fees apply to every divorce in England and Wales and the £550 fee covers both parties in the divorce and will only need to be paid once, it does not matter which party pays the fee.

When do court fees need to be paid?

It is entirely up to you when you wish to pay the court fees, but please note that the court will not start your divorce proceedings until the court-filing fee has been paid.

For Example = Order a divorce service online, we will then generate and draft your divorce documents, have you sign and return them to us. You can then pay the court fee and we start your divorce proceedings.

You pay the fee for our service upfront, which are all fixed fee and one off payments, you then pay the court fee after when you wish to start your divorce.

How to pay the court fee

You can pay online through our secure checkout, or you can write a cheque to HMCTS. 

We will send the court fee payment into the court with your divorce paperwork for you, which will start divorce proceedings.

Court fee exemption

You will receive a full remission on your court-filing fees if you are in receipt of any of these benefits;

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit with gross annual earnings of less than £6,000

Please Note: You will need to provide evidence that you do receive these benefits that are no longer than 3 months old. 

You may also be entitled to a part remission on the £550 court fee for divorce. If you would like anymore information on court fees please call us on 01793 384 029.