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Easy, simple and quick
5 start review

I was wary using an online company to process my divorce, but after getting quotes fro solicitors that ran into the thousands, I decided to give it a try. I warily parted with my money and recieved communication within seconds, reassuring me that I hadn't just paid for a service never to see anything for it. Divorce online have been there every step of the way with me, they make it so easy, with drop down menus to click that generate the forms for you. You need no legal experience to self manage your own divorce. Each step is laid out for you and you know exactly where you are on every step of the ladder. I started my proceedings in November 2012 and am 3 weeks away for completion. This includes the Consent order side of things. So if, you have a clean break, whereby both parties are in agreement with the settlement terms, this is deifinitely the best and most efficient way for you. I am glad I went for it.

Emma Dunn-Wyatt
Divorce online have been there every step of the way with me
Prepared to go that bit further for good service
5 start review

When I signed up to do my divorce online I expected the service to be mechanical and very basic. I didn't expect to get a personal service or even speak to a real person, so when I experienced a problem filing my papers and printing them off correctly I was surprised to find a real person prepared to not only speak to me, but call me back and take me through the procedure as well as explain to me any issues. When my papers still wouldn't print properly, Stuart May also printed off all the correct paperwork and posted it to me direct, having updated my personal details which had changed in the interim. Whenever I experienced any issue he was on the end of a phone and I was very grateful for the additional help he gave me which allowed the divorce to go through very smoothly and quickly.

Katie Courts
The divorce went through very smoothly and quickly
Divorce Online - a true god-send...saved me £££'s - thank you.
5 start review

Divorce-Online were exactly what we needed. Both my ex wife and myself did not want to spend stupid money on lawyers as there was nothing to fight over. We went for the managed divorce and clean break order as we had agreed what we wanted to do financially as well. We were kept informed of the progress of the case throughout and when we did need to phone on occasions we were always dealt with quickly and the various team members all seemed to be very friendly and down to earth unlike some of the lawyers we spoke to. If you have managed to sort out your affairs then I would recommend Divorce-Online 100%.

Dave Signorelli
we were always dealt with quickly