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Qualified Divorce Solicitors in Nottingham

We provide an affordable, efficient and professional alternative to high-street solicitors in Nottingham

We understand that going through a divorce or separation is difficult and emotional. We’re here for you when you need us the most.

Providing you with professional legal advice to ensure you obtain the best outcome for yourself and your family.

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    Finding a specialist family law firm to help with a divorce in Nottingham can be difficult, especially when the average hourly rate charged is £205 + VAT.

    However, just because you live in Nottingham doesn’t mean you should need to spend a fortune on receiving professional advice from qualified solicitors to ensure you receive a fair settlement following a divorce.

    The divorce procedure is mainly a paperwork exercise, however, ensuring you achieve a fair settlement of held marital assets is certainly not and requires specialist family law solicitors to ensure you achieve this.

    Divorce can be a minefield and having professional advice before getting started can ensure you are entering into a divorce with the right knowledge so you are legally protected in the future.

    Our Nottingham based divorce solicitors can provide you with professional advice and information on the grounds for divorce that might be the most suitable for your situation along with information on finances, such as pensions, property, maintenance and other such matters.


    No-Fault Divorce Is Here – It is no longer possible to submit a divorce application under the previous divorce law. The new no-fault divorce law was introduced on 6th April 2022 – effectively ending the blame game that plagued the old divorce system by causing conflict between the two parties.

    No-fault divorce now makes it far easier for couples to obtain a divorce.

    Can I Get a No-Fault Divorce? You can get started with your no fault divorce now. Once you have purchased our Managed No-Fault Divorce Service for £199, our team will submit your divorce application to the court and handle all aspects of your divorce for you.

    The Divorce Process Explained

    Our expert Nottingham divorce solicitors are on hand to handle the entire divorce procedure for you, from start-to-finish and unlike high-street solicitors, there’s no need to visit our offices any time point.

    You can provide us with all of the details we need to complete your divorce application online via a questionnaire. You can also stay up-to-date throughout the process in your account without needing to call or email us at any point.


    Start a Divorce Application

    One person starts a divorce by making a divorce application to the court on the basis of the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

    The previous divorce law required people seeking divorce to give evidence of one or more of five facts to establish the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage; 3 are based on ‘fault’ and 2 are based instead on a period of separation.

    A no-fault divorce no longer requires you to set out any reasons for the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.


    Acknowledgement of Service

    The next step in the divorce process involves your partner being sent a copy of the divorce petition and the acknowledgement of service (AOS).

    Your partner has 14 days to complete and return the AOS to the court.

    The new divorce law introduces a new minimum period of 20 weeks from the start of proceedings to confirmation to the court that a conditional order of divorce may be made.

    This ‘reflection period’ allows a greater opportunity for couples to agree practical arrangements for the future where reconciliation is not possible, and divorce is inevitable.

    Such matters could include child arrangements and the division of any money or assets.


    Application for the Conditional Order

    At this stage, you are asking the court to proceed with the divorce. If the court approves your divorce application, they will issue you with a Certificate of Entitlement to confirm the date of your conditional order. This will typically take a few weeks.

    At this point, the court has granted you the divorce, which introduces a six-week cooling-off period before being able to apply for the final order.

    Couples who have had a financial consent order drafted can now apply to the court for its approval.

    If you submit the financial order at this time, it usually results in being granted alongside your final order (formerly Decree Absolute). This will prevent any future claims being made by either party and ends all financial ties.


    Application for Final Order

    The final order (decree absolute) will usually be granted within 24 hours.

    This order legally ends your marriage and enables you to remarry.

    A divorce in England and Wales will take roughly 6-7 months in the most simplest of cases.

    Compare Our Service vs High-Street Solicitors

    If you are new to online divorce solicitors and how they are different from the traditional high-street solicitors, the below should help show you the main differences.

    High-Street Solicitors

    Our Divorce Solicitors

    Few people actually go into expensive high-street premises anymore

    Thousands more people each year are doing their via online services

    People dislike the inconvenience of visiting physical offices for meetings

    No need to visit our offices or take time off work.

    Excessive hourly fees provide no guarantee on the cost of your divorce

    Our fixed fees provide you with clarity from the start.

    Speaking to your solicitor via a receptionist can be frustrating and costly

    Speak to your personal adviser directly at anytime throughout your case

    Staying updated on your case requires you to chase for updates

    Track your entire divorce procedure online, 24/7

    Wondering how long a divorce takes?

    Timescales for divorce vary on a case-by-case basis as there are multiple variables, which make giving a precise figure impossible. However, there is a way to estimate how long a divorce should take you, which we outline in our guide below.

    How long does a divorce take?

    What are the costs of a divorce?

    The cost of a divorce varies depending on where you live, how complex your situation is and whether you are sorting out your financial relationship. Our divorce solicitors can help you save between £1,000-£2,000 compared to high-street solicitors in Nottingham.

    How much does a divorce cost?

    “I selected Divorce-Online earlier this year to handle all aspects of my divorce as i needed a swift, easy and inexpensive solution. They delivered on all fronts which made a difficult situation quicker, easier and stress free”. See our latest reviews.

    Nottingham Divorce Solicitors Service for £399 Inc VAT!

    Do you want to have a qualified divorce solicitor handle your entire divorce procedure for you without breaking the bank?

    If you answered yes, then you are in the right place as that is exactly what this service does.

    This service involves everything from the drafting and filing of your divorce papers to dealing with any court queries that might arise. You can get started today and have your decree absolute within 18-20 weeks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unlike high-street solicitors, we don’t require you to visit our offices to sit down and collect the information necessary to initiate your divorce. All of the information we need from you is collected online via a simple questionnaire, making it much quicker and easier to start your divorce proceedings.

    As a specialist family law firm, we don’t just focus on divorce and offer a range of services for all family law matters, such as prenups, separation agreements, child arrangements, financial settlements and more.

    Yes, we certainly can. Since 1999 we’ve helped over 180,000 couples throughout the UK obtain a divorce without spending a fortune on high-street solicitors. If you don’t live in Nottingham then get in touch with us on 01783 384 029 to find out how much money we can help you save.

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