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Ordinary Scottish Divorce - £195

This service is for couples who want to get a divorce in Scotland, but have children who are under 16 years of age. You need to file for divorce under the Ordinary procedure, which our Scottish divorce expert will help you do for just £195.

Ordinary Scottish Divorce

Who can use an Ordinary Scottish Divorce?

Who can use an Ordinary Scottish Divorce?

This Ordinary Scottish divorce service is for couples in Scotland who wish to get divorced but have children under the age of 16 and don't wish to pay excessive solicitors fees.

This service will involve our Scottish divorce expert helping you to draft your own divorce writ, so you can file your own pleadings and then guide you through the procedure, instead of paying £795 and more for a high street solicitor.

We have dealt with more Scottish divorces than any other online divorce provider, and we continue to provide our clients the best possible service today.

This service is just £195, and compared to using a solicitor, it can save you well over £750.

Our Scottish divorce expert is a retired family law solicitor with over 30 years experience in all aspects of Scottish family law. On average the process, from start to finish, will take approximately 12 weeks.

Please Note: In addition to the fee payable to us you will have certain fees to third parties known as "outlays". Outlays are fees which are compulsory and which are not paid to us.

£136 to the court to get the writ warranted. Aprox £60 to a sheriff officer to serve the papers. Aprox £40 to a notary public to get affidavits signed. £60 to the court for the final decree.

If you are on benefits or low income you may be exempt from paying the court related outlays.