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Divorce with a Missing Spouse

This divorce service is for people who are unable to locate their spouse and so cannot provide an address for the divorce application. This is a one-off fixed fee service for just £449 including VAT, compared to over £1,500 minimum with a local solicitor.


Divorce service where your spouse is missing - Only £449

Automatic Divorce After Long Separation

The common myth that suggests you can get an “automatic divorce after 7 years UK” is alive and well. In fact Divorce-Online family law experts are often asked the question “Can you get an automatic divorce after long separation?”

The simple answer is no – regardless of how many years you have been separated from your ex-husband or wife, there is no such thing as an automatic divorce in England or Wales. So whether you have been separated for 5 years, 7 years, 10 years or more, you will not be granted an automatic divorce.

This is because under UK divorce law, your spouse must have the opportunity to see the divorce papers. Under the new no-fault divorce rules, the default method of notification of divorce to the other spouse is via email (this digital divorce service replaced the paper service back in September 2021).


No-Fault Divorce Is Now Divorce Law – The divorce law in England and Wales has changed to give way for a no-fault divorce. This means you no longer need to wait for a period of 2 years of separation or blame one party for the breakdown of your marriage. What’s more, it is no longer possible for your spouse to contest the divorce, allowing the divorce to proceed without friction or additional costs.

Speak to our friendly team on Live Chat for quick and reliable answers to your questions or call us on 01793 384 029 for no obligation information and advice on how no-fault divorce works.

Find The Most Suitable Divorce Service

Use our simple online tool to see which service is the most suitable for you. Simply answer a few questions to be matched with the perfect service. We can help you divorce from just £199 including VAT for our Managed No-fault Divorce Service.

How to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years

If you no longer have contact with your ex-spouse (referred to in the application as the the Respondent) this can be difficult as the Court will require an address.

If you don’t have an address for the Respondent, you have to show the court;

  • That you do not know where your spouse is residing.
  • What you have done to locate them, such as contacting relatives and friends, searching the electoral roll, or enquiring with their employer.

How do you divorce someone if you don’t know where they live?

Unfortunately, the divorce procedure becomes more complicated, time-consuming, and possibly more costly if you don’t know where your ex-spouse currently lives.

However not knowing where your spouse lives does not always mean you are going to have to hire an expensive lawyer to deal with it and spend thousands of pounds getting a divorce.

There are some additional court procedures, but we are experts at dealing with divorces where you don’t know the address of your missing spouse.

Firstly, before the court will grant you a divorce, you are going to have to demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to try to find an address for your missing spouse, so they can be served with the divorce papers.

More details can be found by visiting: Getting Divorced Without an Address for Your Husband or Wife.

For more information, call our divorce advisors for a free consultation on 01793 384 029.

Who is a Missing Spouse Divorce Service for?

The missing spouse divorce service is for people that wish to get a divorce but have no contact with their ex-spouse and have no address to locate them.

Instructing solicitors could cost you over £2000, Divorce-Online can manage the entire process for just £449 fixed fee including VAT.

Our service allows you to carry on with your life whilst we deal with obtaining your divorce for you.

We will prepare all required application forms and divorce forms you will need to apply for divorce under these circumstances.

You do not need to employ a solicitor to handle your divorce when you order this service as we simply deal with everything for you from start to finish.

Court fees of £593 as a minimum are also payable (extra fees may be payable depending on how many applications we have to make on your behalf – these cost £45.00 each time).

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