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Divorce with missing spouse

This service is for people who are unable to locate their spouse or where they believe their spouse won't consent to the divorce proceedings. This service is a one off fixed fee of £299.00 including VAT, compared to over £1,500 minimum with a local solicitors.
Non Standard Divorce

Non Standard Divorce

Divorce service where you have no address for your spouse or they will not likely consent

This divorce service is for people who have either been separated for some time and do not have an address for their husband or wife or your spouse is unlikely to consent to the divorce.

Most cases that fall into this category will be based on a 5 year or more separation, but can also be dealt with under desertion if less than 5 years.

It is a myth that you can just get divorced after 5 years separation without the other spouse having had the opportunity to see and comment on the divorce papers. So you need to show the court you have done your best to find an address for your spouse, which with this service we will help you do.

It does not matter if your ex-partner lives abroad, with this service we can still help you get a divorce for a fraction of the cost of what traditional solicitors would charge you.

In order to get a divorce on the basis of 5 years separation without consent, you have to show the court that;

  • You do not know where your spouse is residing.
  • What you have done to locate them, such as contacting relatives and friends, searching the electoral roll, or enquiring with their employer.

What we do when ordering this divorce service

  • Make an application to find an address or ask the court to dispense with having to serve the papers, depending on your case.
  • Process the divorce depending on what the court requires 
  • Help you get your divorce at a much lower cost than by using solicitors.

We will help you through this process, and deal with the courts and judge on your behalf to make the divorce process as seamless as possible at a difficult time.

This service could cost well over £2,500 with a high street solicitor, whereas our service is just £299 fixed fee plus the mandatory court fees. We do everything we can to make the divorce go through as quick and stress free as possible.

Court fees are payable of £585 as a minimum. Extra court fees may be payable depending on how many applications we have to make for you. These cost £45.00 each time. You may be exempt from the fees if you are on low income or benefits. Click here for more information or call us on 017931 384 029.