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Cohabitation Agreement

The best way for cohabiting couples to protect themselves is to draw up a cohabitation agreement or a living together agreement as they are sometimes known, we can do this for you for a fixed fee of £199.00.
Cohabitation Agreement

Why do I need a cohabitation agreement?

Why do I need a cohabitation agreement?

A sharp increase in the number of cohabiting couples over the past 15 years or so has led to a rise in complex and often costly legal disputes when they split up.

If you are considering moving in with a partner it may be sensible to enter into a cohabitation agreement to set out the financial arrangements, such as who pays what bills, any mortgage or rent payments and what would happen in terms of any assets in the event of a split.

Our solicitor will draft your cohabitation agreement for just £199, this could save you over £1,000 compared to high street law firms.

Entering into a cohabitation agreement could end up saving you thousands on legal fees if you end up splitting up, but only if you have a cohabitation agreement drafted by specialists.

You can draw up your own cohabitation agreement but for it to stand a chance of being legally binding in court you will need to have it drafted by a professional, which we will do for just £199.

This alone will save you over £500 compared to the Co-op and other online legal services firms.​

If you would like any advice about what should go into a cohabitation agreement, give our advisors a call today on 01793 384 029 and they will be able to go into your individual circumstances in the more detail.