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    Don’t end up like hundreds of other disgruntled clients of Quickie-Divorce and read our honest comparison of vs

    It seems our Welsh friends at have been named and shamed again for not providing a service to their customers and have been reported to the infamous Solicitors from Hell website.

    A more recent unfavourable customer review has been featured in the Express Newspaper.

    Quickie-divorce Review from a disgruntled customer

    “I paid the fee for a quick divorce being told by them it was a straightforward speedy procedure.”

    “Quickie-Divorce” is nothing more than a commercial arm of solicitors advertising for clients wanting a divorce.

    “They persuaded me to pay more to speed the process avoiding the many pitfalls of the simple procedure they advertise, (this is called ‘churning a client’ ) advising that if I didn’t take their offer the divorce could be delayed”.

    In retrospect from my painful and expensive experience, a scam for its delayed by their incompetence anyway.

    After more fees, 3 months later they hadn’t processed my case, pushed, they passed the case to another part of their disorganised operation “Managed Divorce” and then to a firm of solicitors who I was assured was a fully licensed and proper firm of solicitors registered with the Law Society London, experts in handling divorce matters.

    1 star quickie-divorce review

    Recent 1 star quickie-divorce review

    Three months after instructing this group they’ve failed to process my simple case, continuing to hide behind the non-functional websites.

    ALL emails, unless a new client enquiry via the website are returned from ALL the companies including the solicitors.

    Telephones are answered by an answerphone which leaves one hanging for 10 minutes or so until requested to leave a message, the systems mostly drop the calls so there’s no possibility of leaving a message, or on the odd occasion it does work, no one returns the call – EVER.

    I’ve asked and cajoled them to behave in a professional manner to no effect.

    I was forced to lay a complaint to the Legal Complaints Section of The Law Society.

    Eventually, after 3 months of daily hassling them, the final delaying tactic was demanding they receive a letter by standard mail – emails aren’t acceptable!

    They have only refunded part of the fees paid and returned the Marriage certificate by ordinary mail although asked to urgently send it by courier which I offered to pay for.

    Just bloody-minded people, a horrible experience.

    I strongly recommend avoiding every section of this sham operation, none of it functions professionally.

    To protect the public, I am striving to publicise this nefarious operation to expose them, and if possible pursue the Law Society to strike off the solicitors involved.

    I’m also in contact with newspapers to expose this scandal and share my review of quickie-divorce as far as possible.

    Overall useless, inept, unprofessional, and dangerous to deal with for the delays could cost you a great deal.

    Simply having a look at their reviews on TrustPilot, the UK’s most reputable reviews company shows how they have still not changed in 2017.

    1-star Trustplit reviews from

    12% of ALL reviews are 1*

    Reviews are being left every month with the exact same message

    1 – They ask you to confirm the T&C’s are okay before proceeding with the purchase.

    2 – Once you ask for a refund because you don’t need the service or want the service anymore they refuse and ask you to follow their complaints procedure.

    3 – They don’t respond to emails or phone calls and even after months of trying every day you will receive nothing back.

    If you have received a shoddy service from or, then you will need to contact the local trading standards office at Bridgend on (01656) 643278. were the original pioneers of online divorce and since 1999 we have helped over 180,000 couples obtain a quick, easy and stress-free divorce.

    We are the highest rated online divorce provider on TrustPilot with a 9.5/10 rating based on over 2,500 reviews. View a comparison of vs

    For a reliable, professional and honest divorce service, visit or call 01793 384 029.

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