How To Get a Quick Divorce in England & Wales

If your divorce is amicable or even mostly amicable, this will likely result in a quick divorce or ‘quickie divorce’ as it’s sometimes referred to as.

Most people contemplating divorce are worried about the expected legal costs, how long it will take and sometimes even whether it’s the right option for them.

However, not all divorces are expensive, stressful, or last for years, especially when using Divorce-Online to handle your case.

Follow these steps to achieve an uncontested, quick divorce;

  1. Ensure your spouse will not defend the divorce
  2. Communicate with your spouse throughout the process
  3. Find your marriage certificate before starting divorce proceedings
  4. Find valid grounds for divorce and agree with your spouse
  5. Ask your spouse to complete and return paperwork efficiently
  6. Ensure all details on the divorce petition are correct
  7. File a D8 divorce petition with the court fee payment

If you want to get a fast divorce, you’ll need to ensure all of the above are in place or you’ve made steps towards making them happen.

The divorce process is largely an adminstritive process that is completed by the courts staff, but there are many things you can do to help speed up the process in which they receive your paperwork.

Myths about getting a quick or quickie divorce

To begin with, other online divorce providers who tell you that they can get you divorced in less than 12 weeks are misleading you into using their services. It is impossible and cannot be done, especially in 2018!

It is also a myth that one type of divorce is quicker than another, regardless of ground or length of separation, they all go through the same court process in date order they are received.

There is an obligatory delay of 6 weeks between the decree nisi and the decree absolute being granted to dissolve your marriage.

There are many things that need to happen before you can even get to that stage and 6 weeks is simply not enough time for that to happen, especially since legal aid has been withdrawn and court staff have been reduced.

Can I speed up my divorce process?

There are many factors that can make your divorce go through more quickly than the average divorce, below is a list of things which you need to consider before starting your divorce.

It’s important to understand that most divorce cases in England and Wales (99.9%) are uncontested, which is where the respondent doesn’t defend the divorce and removes the need for court hearings and solicitors.

Speaking to your spouse before filing for divorce

We understand and appreciate that every couple is different and you may not have any contact with your spouse.

To make the divorce easier for everyone it is always advisable for you to agree the reasons for the divorce before you decide to start divorce proceedings.

If you can’t speak and agree, then you cannot expect your divorce to be extremely quick.

Therefore, even if the conversation is difficult, we always recommend trying to establish conversation even if it’s to make them aware of your intensions (of filing for divorce).

Choosing the right divorce provider to help you get a quick divorce

This is a very important step to making sure you get a quick divorce. There are online divorce providers who claim they can get you divorced within 12 weeks, which is very unrealistic and unfair on their customers.

Divorce-Online is always upfront and honest about total costs and timeframes as we believe, you the customer deserve fair and honest information right from the start.

By having us deal with your divorce for you, we can complete your divorce on average within 16 weeks, which is under half the length of the time it could take if you decided to file your own divorce.

We are proven to be quicker because we have 18 years of experience in online divorce and have developed technology and systems that make the process much smoother and streamlined than you would find in a solicitors office.

We’ve helped over 180,000 couples obtain a fast, easy and cheap divorce and we can help you!

How Divorce-Online can help you obtain a quick & easy divorce

By combining our state of the art technology and experienced divorce professionals, we ensure paperwork is completed and filed efficiently and any queries from yourself or the court are handled instantly.

Our services have been refined over the previous 18 years to ensure they are as efficient, straightforward and seamless.

Managed Divorce Service – £189

This service is the quickest and easiest way to get divorced. Our team of divorce experts handle all aspects of your divorce and keep you updated on the progress, each step of the way.

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