How To Use Divorce-Online To Get a Quick Divorce

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If there is an agreement to the divorce and your relationship with your spouse is amicable, then it is entirely possible to obtain a quick divorce.

Using traditional solicitors to handle your divorce can end up costing you thousands in legal fees and not having a resolution to your divorce for up to 12 months depending on where you live.

However, dealing with your divorce doesn’t need to be expensive, stressful, or last for years, at least not when using Divorce-Online to handle your case.

If you want to get a fast divorce, you’ll need to ensure all of the above are in place or you’ve made steps towards making them happen.

The divorce process is largely an administrative process that is completed by the court’s staff, but there are many things you can do to help speed up the process in which they receive your paperwork.

Follow these steps to achieve an uncontested, quick divorce;

  1. Ensure your spouse will not defend the divorce
  2. Communicate with your spouse throughout the process
  3. Find your marriage certificate before starting divorce proceedings
  4. Find valid grounds for divorce and agree with your spouse
  5. Ask your spouse to complete and return paperwork efficiently
  6. Ensure all details on the divorce petition are correct
  7. File a D8 divorce petition with the court fee payment

Myths about getting a quick or quickie divorce

To begin with, other online divorce providers who tell you that they can get you divorced in less than 12 weeks are misleading you into using their services. It is impossible and cannot be done, especially in 2019!

It is also a myth that one type of divorce is quicker than another, regardless of ground or length of separation, they all go through the same court process in the date order they are received.

There is an obligatory delay of 6 weeks between the decree nisi and the decree absolute being granted to dissolve your marriage.

There are many things that need to happen before you can even get to that stage and 6 weeks is simply not enough time for that to happen, especially since legal aid has been withdrawn and court staff have been reduced.

How To Get Started With Your Divorce

Our divorce solicitors will handle the entire divorce procedure for you, from start-to-finish and unlike high-street solicitors, there’s no need to visit our offices any time point.

You will provide us with the information we need via an online questionnaire and be provided with direct contact information for your divorce solicitor to ensure you can stay up-to-date throughout the process.


Find your ideal service

Find the right service for your situation and budget and complete the simple order form to get started. You simply need to make a one-off secure payment to get started with your service.


Complete online questionnaire

Log in to your online account and complete the initial questionnaire. We’ll use this basic information to draft your divorce papers without needing you to visit our offices.


Sign & return divorce papers

You now need to sign the completed divorce papers we send you. We show you exactly where you need to sign and once this is done, you need to return them back to us.


Track your divorce online

You can now use your online account to track your entire divorce procedure. We’ll notify you at each stage to ensure you don’t need to chase us for updates on your case.

Compare Our Service vs High-Street Solicitors

If you are new to online divorce solicitors and how they are different to the traditional high-street solicitors, the below should help show you the main differences.

High-Street Solicitors


Few people actually go into expensive high-street premises anymore

Thousands more people each year are doing their via online services

People dislike the inconvenience of visiting physical offices for meetings

No need to visit our offices or take time off work.

Excessive hourly fees provide no guarantee on the cost of your divorce

Our fixed fees provide you with clarity from the start.

Speaking to your solicitor via a receptionist can be frustrating and costly

Speak to your personal adviser directly at anytime throughout your case

Staying updated on your case requires you to chase for updates

Track your entire divorce procedure online, 24/7

Can I speed up my divorce process?

The divorce process is largely a paperwork process, but there are many ways in which we can speed it up. Firstly, you don’t need to visit our offices at any point throughout the process, which speeds up the process of obtaining your details.

We have direct communication with the divorce centre’s, which enables to chase the court for updates on your case and ensure your case is progressing as quickly as possible. This is how we can help you divorce within 18 weeks.

Speaking to your spouse before divorce

If you are able to speak with your spouse before starting divorce proceedings, it paves the way for a quick and easy divorce process. Your spouse is required to respond to the court, so if relations are amicable, the process generally goes smoother and can complete quicker.

Speaking to your spouse before and during divorce proceedings isn’t always possible, for a number of reasons, however, if it’s possible for you then we would always recommend it.

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How Divorce-Online can help you obtain a quick & easy divorce

Through our use of technology and pro-active divorce experts, we ensure you receive a smooth, stress-free and quick resolution to your divorce, allowing you to carry on with your life.

This service is the quickest and easiest way to get divorced. Our team of divorce experts handle all aspects of your divorce process and keep you updated on the progress, each step of the way to ensure you receive a smooth and stress-free service.

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