How a Divorce Online Works & What You Will Need

To first of all get a divorce, you will need to qualify for a divorce. There are 4 main factors to look at before thinking about getting a divorce online or through a solicitor. See here if you qualify for divorce.

You will then need to decide which divorce service you would wish to use, for example, do you wish to do your own divorce with our help or have us do everything for you and take away the stress and pain.

What you will need to get divorced online

An email address personal to you

Having a secure email address is very important, as important information will be sent to you via email such as;

  • Your activation email to create your account, where you edit, complete and check your divorce process online.
  • We will update your case area with important information, for example when your divorce documents have been filed with the court.
  • We will also send to you direct contact numbers and email addresses for you to contact should you need any further assistance throughout your divorce.

Access to a Smart phone, Laptop, PC or Tablet with either a document programme or PDF reader

As long as you can read documents on your device then this service will be perfect. All documents are sent as PDF’s which can be read and printed by 99% of all devices.

If you don’t want to print off documents, simply email us and ask for them to be posted instead.

Your marriage certificate or a translated version

You will need to attach your marriage certificate with your divorce documents when you send your documents to the court to start your divorce – if you order a Managed Divorce, we take care of this all for you.

You will also need some basic details from your marriage certificate to complete the divorce petition, such as your spouses name on the marriage certificate.

A residential address

We may need to post certain documents to you, which we will require an address for. This may be because you do not have access to a printer or wish to just see physical official court documents opposed to having them emailed to you.

Start your Divorce Online in Minutes

Everything you will need to get a divorce online is listed above, and as you can see there is not much required from you to get divorced. There are no face-to-face meetings, or court appearances necessary if your divorce is amicable.

When you login to your secure case area on, you will be able to edit and complete your documents, check for updates on your process and find our contact information.

If your divorce is amicable, then it really is a fairly straightforward process after the divorce documents have been professionally drafted and it can usually be completed within 16 weeks, which is under half the length of time compared to the national average in 2014.

This is mainly due to our prompt completion of all required documents and the court we use where we have a specific team who deal with our applications.

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