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Fixed Fee Divorce

Fixed Fee Divorce Services Information

Divorce-Online, have always felt that the hourly rate system of charging divorce clients, is outdated and in need of reform and therefore we launched our own fixed fee divorce services in 1999 with a view to helping people budget for their divorce proceedings. 

Using a fixed fee divorce service compared to an hourly rate charge gives you peace of mind about how much your divorce will cost you in total. There are no nasty surprises with extra charges, just the fixed service fee and the mandatory court fees, which apply to every divorce unless you are exempt from paying them.

Unlike some quickie divorce websites on the internet, we do not operate like Ryan Air by giving you a headline price and then add on charges afterwards. If there may be additional fees with your case, we will set them out for you at the beginning of the proceedings before you start your divorce.

We are honest and upfront about the cost and timeframe of which your divorce will cost and take. We will not tell you a quick time for your divorce and then once you have paid tell you that it will take twice as long. 

Why use a fixed fee divorce?

Fixed fee divorce is most suitable for cases where both parties are in agreement about their divorce and there will be no ongoing negotiations about the divorce, children or finances. We can also offer a fixed fee service where the other party may not respond or cannot be found.

Family divorce law solicitors generally continue to charge by the hour, which if you think about it, is not a very sensible way to pay someone, as they cannot guarantee how much it is going to cost at the end of the case.

On average you will be charged £150-£200 an hour, taking your bill to over £1,000 without VAT or court fees for an amicable, straightforward divorce.

With a fixed fee divorce service, what you are quoted is exactly what you pay. Sometimes there may be additional court fees, but these are always outlined in advance before you purchase the service.

What type of fixed fee divorce services do you provide?

We have three types of fixed fee divorces you can order from our website, or over the telephone.

You can either choose to use a DIY divorce from £69, where you receive the official divorce papers completed and you complete the divorce yourself.

You can also choose to use a Managed Divorce from £189 , where we deal with everything for you from drafting your divorce documents to filing them with the courts on your behalf.

We also have fixed fee divorce services from our vetted panel of law firms starting at £299 for a divorce and £399 for a divorce and financial consent order.

All our fixed fee services are supported by our experienced and qualified divorce advisors and clients can make use of our unique DivorceTrak client portal, which allows you to track your case progress, download and store documents and raise support messages.

For more information on which fixed fee divorce service will suit your needs call 01793 384 029 to speak to an adviser.