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Cohabitation Agreement

The best way for cohabiting couples to protect themselves is to draw up a cohabitation agreement or a living together agreement as they are sometimes known, we can do this for you for a fixed fee of £199.00.
Cohabitation Agreement

Do I have any rights as a cohabitee?

Do I have any rights as a common law Husband or Wife?

Cohabitees have very little rights under the law as there is no such thing as “common law marriage”. 

Obtaining a cohabitation agreement is the same as entering into a contract and can be enforced in a court in the same way a contract can be.

If a cohabiting relationship breaks down there is very little protection for the weaker partner, typically the woman, who often has children. As a result, some cohabiting families can find themselves facing real difficulties should they split up, particularly when children are involved.

If you obtain a cohabitation agreement that has been drafted by a specialist then your agreement will be legally binding.

This service is just £199 and compared to high street law firms could save you over £1,000.

If you would like any advice about what should go into a cohabitation agreement, give our advisors a call today on 01793 384 029 and they will be able to go into your individual circumstances in the more detail.