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Consent Order Service - £150

If you have agreed how you intend to split your property, assets and finances within your marriage, you will need to obtain a consent order. A consent order will make your agreement legally binding and prevents future claims being made against either party.

Managed Clean Break Consent Order

Why do I need a Consent Order?

Why do I need a consent order?

There are many reasons as to why you should consider obtaining a financial consent order and below we will outline the main reasons.

If you are selling property, or transferring property, making a pension sharing order or paying over money, then you are advised to obtain a consent order, to make sure the other party carries out what they have said.

Once the consent order has been agreed and filed at court, neither you nor your spouse will be able to file claims against each other, which protects your future after the divorce.

The main reasons why people usually choose to obtain a financial consent order is because they want the security of knowing that what they have agreed before the divorce, is what they will get after the divorce.

For only £150 we have a qualified solicitor draft your formal agreement and make it so that your agreement is made legally binding, which prevents any future claims.

What we do – when you order this service:

  • Consent order drafted and checked by a qualified solicitor
  • Statement of Information (financial details of both parties)
  • Required amendments included in the price
  • Guidance on how to file the consent order, including sample letters

You can include things such as property, finances, savings, investments and pension sharing orders. If you need any more information about what can be included in a consent order, please call us on 01793 384 029.

Our Consent Order Service is just £150 fixed fee, which could save you £850 when for a high street solicitor to draft your agreement you could pay up to £1,000!

Please Note: There is a standard court fee charge of £50.00 to apply for your consent order which is a separate cost and needs to be paid to the court.You may be exempt from paying court fees if you are on low income or benefits, please ask us for more information.