How Will COVID-19 Affect My Divorce? 

We are sure that you have many questions to ask us about COVID-19 and your divorce.

Use the information on this page to understand what effect COVID-19 may have on your divorce.

This pandemic has of course caused an enormous shock to the UK with lockdown, followed by social distancing measures. We wanted to answer some of the most common questions we are receiving.

Divorce & COVID-19 FAQs, Answered.

Are you working normally at Divorce-Online?

Yes, we have continued to work as normal since March 2020. As a primarily online business, the majority of our support teams are mostly working from home in a safe and secure way, with key workers remaining in the office. We have secure cloud-based IT and telephone systems, so our transition was fairly painless.

Are the divorce courts working normally?

Yes, they are. “Access to justice” which includes family law procedures has been deemed as an essential service and all applications are being dealt with as normal now after delays between March and August and will continue to do so through any further lockdowns or restrictions.

Will there be delays to my case?

Naturally, there have been some delays to the divorce process since the beginning of the pandemic. However, since August 2020 we have seen massive improvements in divorce timescales as they catch up with the backlog built up in the Spring.

As of April 2021, the court service is operating close to full capacity, and any previous long delays have been worked through.

Should I file for divorce now or wait until this is over?

This is a matter for you, however once the lockdowns and ongoing restrictive measures have passed, there is likely to be increased demand on the court system. We feel from experience that it is better to be in the system moving along, albeit slower than having to compete with everyone else later.

Why is Divorce-Online your best option?

When signing up for our Managed Divorce Services, your case manager will be in contact with the Court staff asking them for updates on your case from start-to-finish.

When dealing with your own divorce, you will be waiting much longer to hear back from the Court on your case and will only bring more stress at an already difficult time.

Divorce-Online is the Highest Rated Divorce Provider in the UK

Why now might be the best time to file for divorce…

The divorce courts in England and Wales are operating as normally as possible as they are deemed as an ‘essential service’.

Yes, they have staff working from home, just as we do, but this does not mean that the court system has stopped for divorce proceedings.

You may find that if you can file for divorce now, then your case won’t be affected as much as it will be once it is over and the family courts are overrun.

According to the media, there is set to be a divorce filing boom once Coronavirus has eased and the country is back to some kind of normal due to pent up demand.

When this spike happens, the court service will probably be overwhelmed with the sudden demand, and therefore a big back-log will cause delays to divorce cases.

Or, you can view our online divorce services and see which one is suitable for you.

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