Weston-super-Mare is the divorce capital of Britain and we know why!

Weston divorce capital

Weston divorce capital

The seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare has earned a new accolade as the UK’s divorce capital.

According to figures published by the Ministry of Justice, only Birmingham with population more than 10 times that of Weston, registered more divorce applications last year.

The official list of divorce numbers by population centre was released as part of a Government drive to encourage couples to make use of new publicly-funded mediation services.

In total there were 2,437 applications for divorce petitions at Weston-super-Mare County Court in the 12 months to September 2012, compared with 2,799 at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre.

This has left local lawyers and officials scratching their heads as they have not seen a marked increase in the number of people visiting their offices.

However the answer to this conundrum lies at the door of the UK’s largest online divorce company who have been using the court at Weston-Super-Mare for 2 years to file the majority of their divorces cases, which come from all over the country. So Government statistics are not all they seem.

Of course we have contacted all the national and local media outlets in Somerset to inform them of the reason for the massive divorce spike.

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