UK Divorce – Queries have plummeted on Google

It appears the number of people typing in divorce related keywords into the Google search engine have plummeted over the last 6 months having risen dramatically in 2012 according to the trends tool provided by the search engine.

Google divorce queries are down

Google divorce queries are down

The increase in 2012 is dramatic compared to the previous 3-4 years which remain at a constant level. The drop in queries from January 2012 to January 2013 is quite astonishing and anecdotal evidence from Solicitors firms confirms that the expected rush of enquiries failed to materialise.

The two questions we would want answered are:- 1) Why was there such a big spike in 2012 and 2) why have the numbers dropped so dramatically in 2013 so far? The ongoing recession has to be the main culprit with many couples opting to stick together during tough times. Although it may seem counter intuitive, academic research would seem to suggest that this is the case.

UK Divorce rates have been falling in the UK for some time as more people opt not to get married and a recent divorce rates study found working class couples are not walking down the isle in the numbers they once were.

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