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Divorce rates in Australia are bucking the worldwide trend.

by Monday, April 22, 2013

Legal services, counselling and childcare are just a few of the industries cashing in on Australia’s increasing divorce rate according to research.The number of divorces in Australia increased by 8.7% over the past five years – from 47,209 in 2008 to 51,311 in 2013.Research by IBISWorld identifies five key industries that are increasingly cashing in ...

Online divorce – Company sees 34% increase in new clients in 2012

by Monday, December 24, 2012

Online divorce seems to becoming the preferred option for web savvy consumers in this recession as Divorce-Online™, the market leader reports a 34% increase in clients since the beginning of 2012 and that expansion is on course to continue in 2013 when legal aid is withdrawn for most divorce cases.The website that helps steer couples ...

Increase in wealth not a barder event

by Friday, June 26, 2009

Credit-crunched executives have already been warned they will not be able to wriggle out of big-money divorce settlements by pointing towards their depleted bank balances.Now, senior judges have issued a similarly stark warning to their former wives: you will not be entitled to more money if your former spouse’s wealth unexpectedly surges.Kim Walkden was seeking ...