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More than half of UK adults have yet to write a Will, according to a poll for charity Barnardo’s


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The proportion rises to 74% of cohabiting couples, the survey of 2,221 adults has found.

A third of those who had not written a Will said they had meant to but had “never got around to it”. Others said they had nothing to leave.

Having a child was considered to be the most popular reason for people making a Will.

“We know from this poll that most people believe they should make a Will but they put it off for a variety of reasons,” said Ginny Harris, of Barnardo’s

“One of the most concerning findings is that a quarter of those over 55 who had not made a Will say ‘the money will go to my family anyway’.”

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This post was written by Mark Keenan. Editor of the Divorce Online Blog and Managing Director of Online Legal Service Ltd. Mark has been writing about divorce and related subjects for over 20+ years and is an expert in legal marketing.

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