Eastenders are Englands biggest love cheats

Divorce-Online find love cheats

Divorce-Online find love cheats

LONDON has been named and shamed as the most adulterous place in England – with the East End the worst for love rats.

Adultery divorce petitions nationwide were studied and the top five cheating cities were London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham.

A third of all adultery petitions originated from London, with a massive concentration in the East End.

Unfaithful partners in Tower Hamlets accounted for 29.1 per cent of all divorces triggered by adultery in the capital.

East Enders are normally renowned for family values.

Mark Keenan, the managing director of Divorce-Online, said: “We find that working class people tend to get in less trouble, as when money is tight, it’s easier to stay in with your partner.

“So we were very surprised when we found those in the East End are the biggest cheaters. In my line of work, a large amount of adultery petitions come from the very wealthy. Bankers and the like have a lot of money to spend on their mistresses.”

Divorce-Online, which handles divorce and offers a DIY service, researched 3,000 adultery petitions for last year.

After Tower Hamlets, the top London boroughs for infidelity were Southwark, Wandsworth, Waltham Forest and Islington.

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