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Divorcing online featured in the Telegraph

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There is an interesting article in the Telegraph today entitled ” The real story of the gap year wife”. of particular interest to us was a comment about what they will do when they do eventually get a divorce.
Quote “With fiction you can write any ending you wish. In real life, even in Lisa’s life, things don’t always work the way you had originally planned. Matt/my husband came back, but not to me. And I’m not sure I’d have taken him back even if he’d wanted me. We did eventually sell the marital home. Assets and spoils were divided. No acrimony, no alimony. Actually, we’re still not divorced. If the lawyers had had their way we’d have been battling in court by now, and much the poorer. So far we’ve not bothered with divorce. When we eventually get around to it, we’ll do it online and share the cost”

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