Divorce your divorce from social media or live to regret it


Ben Goldsmith divorce

Ben Goldsmith divorce

Lessons learned in his divorce by , Ben Goldsmith should be a guide for all of us when it comes to expressing yourself on Social media, says online divorce expert Mark Keenan.

The temptation is to let rip in posts and tweets, but they are effectively permanent reminders of what you said and can cause irreparable damage especially when there are children involved for years afterwards.

Social media has made it easier for immediate anger to be expressed and it only takes 30 seconds for something to get out in the wild and cause havoc as friends and enemies alike, re post, comment and tweet to all and sundry creating an avalanche of problems.

Goldsmith, who is currently divorcing Kate Rothschild, branded his wife “appalling” on the website after discovering explicit texts and emails to the US rapper Jay Electronica on her phone last June.

“I was stupid to have said anything on Twitter about the whole thing,” he told the Sunday Times Magazine. “It’s no excuse, but I was devastated.”

However, the couple are now described as being “determinedly civil” to one another, with

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