Divorce advice – New divorce forums are now online

For 16 years Divorce Online have been giving free divorce advice to our thousands of users, on such diverse subjects as maintenance, property disputes, child support and domestic violence all neatly categorised and searchable using our inbuilt search engine, but we are now ramping up our operations to deliver even more interactive advice through the Divorce Online website.

We have re-engineered our divorce forums and have added a new advice section there where users can ask questions, but each day we will post our own questions that we commonly get asked.

We have also appointed a new Community Manager to moderate the forums and point people in the right direction.

We will soon be launching a free “ask our Solicitor” feature where Solicitors will answer a question a day for free, so we can continually add great adviceĀ  to our divorce questions database and provide even more free information going forward for our users.

Our mission has always been to help people going through divorce and separation for free or at a much lower cost than they can get in a Solicitors firm.

With legal aid being discontinued in 2013 an estimated 250,000 people each year are going to have to find free advice or pay for it.

We welcome experienced family law Solicitors to join our panel, which will be a great advert for your law firm.

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