Court of Appeal make landmark divorce ruling

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The Court of Appeal has given judgement in a case that removes protection previously afforded to thousands of people in divorce proceedings.

Until now a husband or wife who came across information showing their partner was hiding money could copy it, use it and put it before the courts.

But the court reversed that principle in a case involving property tycoons Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz.

Lawyers have described the judgement as “ground-breaking”.

It comes after the property tycoons attempted to use information about the financial affairs of their sister’s multi-millionaire husband at her divorce hearing.

Following the ruling, they must comply with a High Court order to hand back to Vivian Imerman the documents copied from a computer.

Mr Imerman’s lawyers claimed the “ground-breaking” decision would revolutionise disclosure in documents in family law cases.

Divorce lawyers said the judgement would mean that in future any attempt by one side in a divorce case to take documents without permission would result in heavy costs orders or criminal proceedings.

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