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Logo for UK divorce service - Divorce Online

Logo for UK divorce service – Divorce Online

Divorce-Online is the UK's largest and oldest online divorce serviceand was started in September 1999 by family Law professional Mark Keenan after working in high street practices for many years.

Mark realised that Solicitors were very inefficient, had very large overheads to feed and that clients were being charged far too much for something which could be automated for the most part.

He decided to get out of the legal profession and do something that has now proved to be a great addition to the legal services market in the UK and which has saved consumers millions of pounds in legal fees.

Mark Keenan also regularly provides the media with expert opinion and advice regarding divorce and separation issues and is often used by journalists to provide quotes, case studies and statistics.

Divorce Online was launched in 1999 to provide free advice and information about divorce and separation issues in the UK as well as a straight forward, lower cost way for couples to get divorced without having to resort to a traditional high street Solicitor

Divorce-Online are now 14 years old and deal with not only online divorce but also consent orders and separation agreement to ensure their clients not only get a divorce but also have their financial agreements put in place.

If we are unable to help then we are able to signpost clients to free advice agencies such as Citizens Advice, Law Centres, and lawyers who will work pro bono or for reduced legal fees

We have won many awards for our innovation and services and are proud to have been recommended by companies like Tesco, The Good Web Guide, The Daily Mail but most of all by the thousands of couples who have used our services.


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  1. Elizabeth Darcy Jones

    April 20, 2012 — 8:45 pm

    I’d be really grateful if your website included some advice as to what to do if you are suffering poor service from another on-line provider and having no joy!

    Is it possible to simply walk away and ask another provider to act for you if no documents have been filed on your behalf?

    This might get you more business!

    • admin


      My advice is to file a complaint and request a refund. if they do not oblige then contact your card provider and ask for a person not present charge-back. if you ordered over the net they have to do get your money back for you. As long as your papers have not been filed you can then choose another provider such as Divorce-Online. Also consumers should always type the name of the provider + the word complaints after to see what is being said about them, before you go ahead and purchase.

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