25% of litigants in Person use Divorce-online – official

We have received some interesting figures from the Ministry of Justice which break down the divorce statistics into those filed by Litigants In Person and those where there has been a Solicitor involved.

The statistics are for 2007.

No Solicitor – 32,255
Applicant only has Solicitor -52,088
Respondent only has Solicitor -2,788
Both have solicitor -46,799

Total 133,924

For Divorce-Online this makes very interesting market research as it shows that we have 25% of the Litigant in person market and 6% of the total divorce market, which is a considerable achievement for one single firm and shows that consumers have gradually become more confident in buying legal services online rather than from the traditional high street Solicitor.

However it is also good news for Solicitors as it shows that the majority of consumers still want to access the traditional model and although we are making inroads into the traditional market, the majority of our business is coming from those people who in the past would have tried to do it themselves.

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