Violent men to banned from their homes

by Thursday, November 25, 2010

Men accused of assaulting their partners face being banned from their homes for up to four weeks – even if they have not been convicted of any crime. Under so called ‘go orders’ the police will have the power to stop alleged abusers returning home or having contact with the victim. After that initial 48-hour order, the ...

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‘Pre-Nups’ On the Rise – Thanks to Celebrities

by Monday, November 22, 2010

Image via Wikipedia MORE than a third of Brits believe the growing number of celebrity marriages have made pre-nuptial agreements more widely accepted among the general public. A survey claims 35% of people think “pre-nups” are now more commonplace and the clamour for pre-marital financial deals has been attributed to the recent surge in celebrity marriages. The statistic ...