Marriages are more successful on the second attempt.

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With 45% of first marriages failing, it seems that the second time may last a lot longer according to research from the Marriage Foundation.

Only 31% of second marriages fail, according to to the research.

Husbands who are getting married for the second time are also more likely to find happiness, said the relationship think-tank, which used figures from the Office For National Statistics to find out which marriages stand the test of time.

The results suggested that those on their second union benefit from age and experience, and are more ready to commit, and will have carefully weighed the pros and cons of getting married rather than slide into it without much thought.

Harry Benson, who wrote the report for the Marriage Foundation, said: “Overall, second marriages do better because couples who get married for the second time are invariably older than those marrying for the first time.

“One possibility is that higher age is a proxy for higher income. Higher income acts as a buffer against some of the everyday difficulties faced by most couples.

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