Hello, 911, I want a divorce and while you are at it, throw my husband out.

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Police in Pennsylvania have charged a 42-year-old  woman for disorderly conduct after she called the emergency services on 911 requesting a divorce and police assistance to make her husband leave the family home.

State troopers say the woman called just after 1 a.m on Saturday morning, requesting that police officers be sent to her home in Girard Township in north-western Pennsylvania to oust her Husband from the house.

Police say that they explained to the woman, whom they are not identifying, at this time,  that a divorce is a civil matter and that they could not make her husband leave the residence because no crime had been committed and there had been no violence.

Instead, the woman has been charged for disorderly conduct and misusing the Erie County 911 emergency call  system.

Another interesting misuse of the emergency numbers around the world. I wonder how many more police forces have had to deal with angry spouses, demanding that their other half be exported quick, sharp from the premises, only to find themselves on the wrong side of a “wasting police time” charge or equivalent. Answers on a comment please.

Source: Divorce-Online Texas

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