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“Divorce process uk timelines” is not a phrase you would think would be typed into a search engine, but according to a trusted long tail keyword research tool, this was the twentieth most popular phrase to to be used on Divorce-Online in the first week of January or a variation of it.

So clearly people looking at divorce in the UK have no idea of the divorce process timeline from the start of the divorce to the end when a decree absolute is granted.

The process is the same and the timeline is the same, regardless of what type of divorce you choose to go for in terms of grounds, and that is another concept UK consumers do not seem to be able to comprehend, the fact that you are in agreement, does not make it any easier or quicker, the forms are the same and the process is the same, and you still have to pay a £410 court fee ( not each) to file a divorce petition, oh and yes it has to go through court.

The timeline of the divorce process

  • File a divorce petition
  • respondent sends acknowledgment to the court ( or does not)
  • Apply for first decree
  • Judge looks at papers and decides if you are worthy or wants you to jump through some hoops
  • Decree nisi granted
  • Apply for final decree
  • Job is done
  • Can take 12 weeks or 8 months depending on where you live or who you use

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